Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sunday October 28, 2012 is "Visit a Cemetery Day"

I received the following press release from yesterday. It appears to be legitimate; although my first thought was that Mr. Colin Firth must be having trouble finding work in the movie industry. It's obviously a different Colin Firth... anyway, check it out for yourself. At any rate, the Cemetery Search game looks like fun, and I may drag my family out to play it (good reading practice for my kid).

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"Visit a Cemetery Day" is a day in which everyone comes together to show their support for the historical and social importance cemeteries have in their community. Not only are cemeteries the best place to learn about the rich history of a community, they are also a place where a person can trace their ancestry through the generations.

"Visit a Cemetery Day" isn't just a day to commemorate those who came before, but rather it encourages people to embrace the celebration of life and to learn about the people who've helped shape each and every community across North America.

Whether it’s to bring flowers, wreaths or other tributes to the final resting places of family members and friends, take a quiet walk along the paths, photograph headstones and mausoleums, or study the engravings etched on headstones, "Visit A Cemetery Day" is also a wonderful opportunity to spend a beautiful autumn day with family and friends and visit the gravesites of ancestors and departed friends, before the cooler temperatures of winter arrive.

On "Visit A Cemetery Day," everyone is encouraged to take the time to visit a local cemetery to show their respect to those who came before and also enjoy an interesting and memorable day with family and friends, because every life is worth celebrating and remembering.

For further information please visit or contact founder Colin Firth at for more information.

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  1. Hey Elizabeth-

    I'll be driving from Los Osos to Santa Barbara on Sunday. Point me to a cemetery that will still enable me to get to SB by 1 (I'm on duty at the SBCGS Sahyun Library every 4th Sunday) and I'm THERE!

    Hopefully something off 101?


    Mary E Hall
    Santa Barbara County Genealogical Society

  2. Hmmm... well, depending on where you'll be starting out in Los Osos, the Los Osos Cemetery is right there off Los Osos Valley Road (south side): It's a nice cemetery, kind of quiet and foresty.

    You might also like the Santa Maria Cemetery. They have really interesting "old" section, where some Civil War soldiers are buried and some original pioneers of Santa Maria. Exit the 101 at Stowell Road and head west; cemetery is at Stowell and College.

    Those are just 2 that pop to mind and would be freeway-close. I'm sure you know where all the Santa Barbara area cemeteries are, and most likely know them well!