Monday, May 24, 2010

The Beautiful and Unusual Headstone of Jim STULL

The Oak Hill Cemetery in Ballard, California, is a place where a person can express his/her individuality, even in death. There are many beautiful, interesting, and downright unusual tombstones to be found here.

With the success of the movie Sideways, California's Central Coast became known for its excellent wines - particularly of the Pinot Noir variety. Northern Santa Barbara County and San Luis Obispo County are popular wine-tasting destinations for tourists from all over.

The unique headstone of Jim (and Rachel) Stull.
Detail of Jim's information.



(His wife Rachel is, presumably, still alive.)

I do not know if Mr. Stull was involved in the wine-making business, of if he just liked grapes. However, this unique tombstone is one that is not soon forgotten.

* * *

This post was composed for the June 2010 Edition of the Graveyard Rabbits Carnival: The Interesting, The Odd, The Beautiful.

Headstone of Jim Stull and detail photographed by Elizabeth O'Neal on April 2, 2009, Oak Hill Cemetery, Ballard, Santa Barbara Co., California.

Copyright © by Elizabeth O'Neal


  1. This really is unique, Elizabeth. I lived "just-up-the-hill" from Ballard, but back in those days I never visited cemeteries. Good thing you do or I'd never have seen this. Thanks!

  2. Very unique ... I always enjoy your photos and posts.


  3. Love it. Very unique. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Virginia, I keep forgetting that you used to live out here! We do have some unique (for lack of a better word) cemeteries out here. I enjoy the area very much (but hate the weather - too much overcast and fog!!).

    Cindy and Amy - thank you for your kind words! When I saw the topic for the carnival, this headstone came to mind immediately, even though I photographed it over a year ago. Some things you just don't forget. Plus, I like wine. :-)